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Official Video "Night of the Prom"

„Night of the Prom“ first official video from our new album „The Glass Hotel Tapes“ – release date: January 19, 2024.

Johnny Bob live2022 / 2023 Dates:

10/9: Hansa48, Kiel
15/10: Lutterbeker, Lutterbek
21/11: Ponybar, Hamburg
01/4: Kulturforum, Kiel
22/9: Hansa48, Kiel
mit Hey Julis!
23/9: Brakula, Hamburg
mit Neurosenblüte
25/9: Ponybar, Hamburg

Official Video "Brand New Day"

„Brand New Day“ from Johnny Bob Double Album „Creatures Of Light & Darkness“. Shot by THE VØNIX 2021.

wikipedia: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_Bob

Brand New Day (Single)

In October 2021 Johnny Bob released their Single „Brand New Day“ from the forthcoming Album „Creatures of Light and Darkness“ (january 2022)

Recording Session "Godmachine"

from forthcoming Album „Creatures of Light and Darkness“

Egbert`s Barber Shop

In September 2020 the band released their 3rd album „Egbert’s Barber Shop“ 

AboutThe Band

Johnny Bob is a neo-prog band from Hamburg.
The group was formed 2017 in memory of two school bands which disbanded after their members graduated in the early nineties.

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„Egbert’s Barber Shop“ lyrics now available!


Johnny Bob featured on „The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 103“

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